Kesaksian nyata dari teman yg saat ini menjadi missionary di Philippines

June 21, 2017 - kesaksian

Recently, I went to the audio system store to buy some cables. While waiting for the orders I saw this big Yamaha audio mixer that cost USD 1,396.17. And right there I prayed to God, claiming that mixer for the church I’m attending. FYI, the audio system in our church was so old and often times cause a lot of problem.

During the care group meeting, I shared my burden about the existing audio system in the church and how I prayed about it a certain audio mixer that cost USD 1,396.17 for the church. To my surprise, the care group decided to take care of it and to take the initiative to promote and fund raise the needed amount to purchase new audio system. I was so happy to know how they response to my prayer request.

Few days later, I went to check a site for a possible retreat with my bible students. While having lunch with the family who own the farm, we were reflecting on the faith series that was done by our friends in the church and how blessed we were. I also shared to them that during the first talk in vesper night, we had a problem with the audio. I told them that a day before, I was praying for a certain audio mixer for the church and how the care group has pledged to help purchasing it.

While I was sharing this to them, the husband interrupted my talk and told me to allow them to take care of the half amount needed to buy the audio mixer. Few seconds after that, he corrected himself and said, “Let me just issued you a check of PHP70,000 (USD1,396.37) so you can buy the audio mixer tomorrow and just tell the group to pay him the other half when they have the money.”

It caught me by surprise to see the turn of event that day and praising God for His goodness.

Two days after that I went to the same store and I shared to them my testimony how I was praying for that mixer and how God provided the money and they kept telling me that this is from the Lord. So I told them, I want to purchase audio mixer (the price tag says PHP69,990) and audio cable snake (PHP10,200) but I only have PHP70,000. The salesman asked me to wait for a while while he will discuss my request with the wife of the manager of the store. Minutes later, the wife came to me and gave the price of PHP68,500 for the two equipment I’m requested. She gave me discount of PHP11,700 (USD233.39).

Last Sabbath, thank God, we have a new audio mixer installed and our audio system is so much better.

While I was journaling what had happened, I went to the store and claimed the audio mixer on September 8, exactly seven days later, I came back to the store and bought it.

God is good!

I didn’t have money when I prayed to God that I want that mixer for the church. Little did I know that God has prepared people who are willing to sacrifice some of their money for the church.

We still need to change the rest of the audio system, but looking back what God has done to us in the past few days, I don’t have any reason to worry that God will provide the rest.

This is what God spoke to me in reflecting to this miracle audio mixer:

“The lesson is for all in positions of trust. When God opens the way for the accomplishment of a certain work and gives assurance of success, the chosen instrumentality must do all in his power to bring about the promised result. In proportion to the enthusiasm and perseverance with which the work is carried forward will be the success given. God can work miracles for His people only as they act their part with untiring energy. He calls for men of devotion to His work, men of moral courage, with ardent love for souls, and with a zeal that never flags. Such workers will find no task too arduous, no prospect too hopeless; they will labor on, undaunted, until apparent defeat is turned into glorious victory. Not even prison walls nor the martyr’s stake beyond, will cause them to swerve from their purpose of laboring together with God for the upbuilding of His kingdom.” PK 263.1

May we will continue to press on to the Lord and life by faith.

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