Message from a Hurricane Irma survivor

September 17, 2017 - Inspirasi

Hurricane Irma made me realise that we really are nothing on this Earth and the material things that we lose sleep over, we fight over, we lose friendship and break up relationships IS NOT worth it .

The position, the stature that we want every one to know we possess, *CANNOT save us. In minutes Cuba lost 95% of it’s infastructure.

In minutes, people lost their houses, possessions, their businesses, their crops.

Thank God, we are still alive.

Let us be thankful that we have life and a chance to make things right with God, with family, and with friends.

Let us, love more, smile more, help more, and make peace with each other instead of fighting over things that are here now and could be gone in a matter of minutes.

Our life is simply a breath; when that breath goes, life is over.

Whatever we have accomplished in life was permitted by God who can take it all back in a minutes.

Let us acknowledg God. Nothing else matters in the end.

Care for others today….
Love others…..and LIVE !

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