Orang-Orang Bersejarah Hadir Dalam Penghakiman

Demi Aku sendiri Aku telah bersumpah,……… dan semua orang akan bertekuk lutut di hadapan-Ku, dan akan bersumpah setia dalam segala bahasa, sambil berkata: Keadilan dan kekuatan hanya ada di dalam TUHAN. Semua orang yang telah bangkit amarahnya terhadap Dia akan datang kepada-Nya dan mendapat malu. Yes. 45:23, 24.

Di tengah-tengah kerumunan orang-orang tebusan itu terdapat para rasul Kristus, Paulus yang heroik, Petrus yang bersemangat, Yohanes yang dicintai dan mengasihi, dan saudara-saudari mereka yang berhati sejati, dan bersama mereka rombongan besar para martir; sementara di luar tembok, dengan setiap perkara yang busuk dan keji, terdapat orang-orang yang olehnya mereka dianiaya, dipenjarakan, dan dibunuh. Ada Nero, monster kekejaman dan kebobrokan itu, yang menyaksikan sukacita dan pengagungan orang-orang yang dulu ia siksa, dan yang dalam penderitaan luar biasa mereka ia telah menemukan kesenangan Setan. Ibunya ada di sana untuk menyaksikan akibat dari pekerjaannya sendiri; melihat bagaimana stempel kejahatan dari tabiat diturunkan kepada anaknya, hasrat-hasrat yang didorong dan dikembangkan oleh pengaruh dan contoh darinya, telah melahirkan buah dalam kejahatan-kejahatan yang menyebabkan dunia ini merasa ngeri. 344.1
Berada di sana ….. Napoleon yang sombong dan ambisius, yang kehadirannya telah membuat kerajaan-kerajaan gemetar. 344.2
Ada para imam dan wali gereja kepausan, yang mengklaim diri mereka sebagai wakil-wakil Kristus, namun membuat pemerasan, penjara, dan tonggak sula untuk mengendalikan hati nurani umatNya. Ada para paus yang sombong yang telah meninggikan diri mereka sendiri di atas Allah dan bertindak semena-mena untuk mengubah hukum dari Yang Mahatinggi. Orang-orang yang berpura-pura sebagai para bapa gereja ini mempunyai sebuah pertanggungjawaban untuk diserahkan di hadapan Allah yang daripadanya mereka akan memaksa dimaafkan. Terlambat bagi mereka dibuat mengerti bahwa Yang Mahatahu itu adalah cemburu akan hukumNya dan bahwa Dia tidak akan membersihkan kesalahan dalam ketidakbijaksanaan. Mereka sekarang mengetahui bahwa Kristus mengidentifikasi kepentinganNya bersama perkara yang berasal dari umatNya yang menderita; dan mereka merasakan kekuatan dari perkataanNya; “Sesungguhnya segala sesuatu yang kamu lakukan untuk salah seorang dari saudara-Ku yang paling hina ini, kamu telah melakukannya untuk Aku.” Matius 25:40. 344.3
Seluruh dunia yang jahat itu berdiri didakwa di hadapan Allah atas pertanggungjawaban dari pengkhianatan yang tinggi menentang pemerintahan surga. Mereka tidak mempunya apa-apa untuk memohonkan pekerjaan mereka; mereka adalah tanpa ampunan; dan hukuman akan kematian abadi dijatuhkan terhadap mereka. 344.4

December 1 – The Panoramic Scene Above the Holy City
We must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad. 2 Cor. 5:10.
Above the throne is revealed the cross; and like a panoramic view appear the scenes of Adam’s temptation and fall, and the successive steps in the great plan of redemption. The Saviour’s lowly birth; His early life of simplicity and obedience; His baptism in Jordan; the fast and temptation in the wilderness; His public ministry, unfolding to men heaven’s most precious blessings; the days crowded with deeds of love and mercy, the nights of prayer and watching in the solitude of the mountains; the plottings of envy, hate, and malice which repaid His benefits; the awful, mysterious agony in Gethsemane beneath the crushing weight of the sins of the whole world; His betrayal into the hands of the murderous mob; the fearful events of that night of horror–the unresisting prisoner, forsaken by His best-loved disciples, rudely hurried through the streets of Jerusalem; the Son of God exultingly displayed before Annas, arraigned in the high priest’s palace, in the judgment hall of Pilate, before the cowardly and cruel Herod, mocked, insulted, tortured, and condemned to die–all are vividly portrayed. 343.1
And now before the swaying multitude are revealed the final scenes–the patient Sufferer treading the path to Calvary; the Prince of heaven hanging upon the cross; the haughty priests and the jeering rabble deriding His expiring agony; the supernatural darkness; the heaving earth, the rent rocks, the open graves, marking the moment when the world’s Redeemer yielded up His life. 343.2
The awful spectacle appears just as it was. Satan, his angels, and his subjects have no power to turn from the picture of their own work. Each actor recalls the part which he performed. . . . All behold the enormity of their guilt. They vainly seek to hide from the divine majesty of His countenance, outshining the glory of the sun, while the redeemed cast their crowns at the Saviour’s feet, exclaiming: “He died for me!” 343.3

December 2 – Historical Persons Present at the Judgment
I have sworn by myself, . . . That unto me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear. Surely, shall one say, in the Lord have I righteousness and strength: even to him shall men come; and all that are incensed against him shall be ashamed. Isa. 45:23, 24.
Amid the ransomed throng are the apostles of Christ, the heroic Paul, the ardent Peter, the loved and loving John, and their truehearted brethren, and with them the vast host of martyrs; while outside the walls, with every vile and abominable thing, are those by whom they were persecuted, imprisoned, and slain. There is Nero, that monster of cruelty and vice, beholding the joy and exaltation of those whom he once tortured, and in whose extremest anguish he found satanic delight. His mother is there to witness the result of her own work; to see how the evil stamp of character transmitted to her son, the passions encouraged and developed by her influence and example, have borne fruit in crimes that caused the world to shudder. 344.1
There . . . [is] the proud, ambitious Napoleon, whose approach had caused kingdoms to tremble. 344.2
There are papist priests and prelates, who claimed to be Christ’s ambassadors, yet employed the rack, the dungeon, and the stake to control the consciences of His people. There are the proud pontiffs who exalted themselves above God and presumed to change the law of the Most High. Those pretended fathers of the church have an account to render to God from which they would fain be excused. Too late they are made to see that the Omniscient One is jealous of His law and that He will in no wise clear the guilty. They learn now that Christ identifies His interest with that of His suffering people; and they feel the force of His own words; “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” Matthew 25:40. 344.3
The whole wicked world stand arraigned at the bar of God on the charge of high treason against the government of heaven. They have none to plead their cause; they are without excuse; and the sentence of eternal death is pronounced against them. 344.4

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